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                        1. Contributors to the Magazine

                          下载棋牌游戏大全 Our Visual Thesaurus contributors are a diverse and talented group who graciously share their insights on language, writing, business communications and copywriting, branding and more. Below, please read about their impressive backgrounds and click on links to visit their websites.

                          Inspired? If you'd like to become a Visual Thesaurus contributor, or suggest a topic we should cover, we'd love to hear from you here.

                          Dennis Baron

                          Dennis Baron is professor of English and linguistics at the University of Illinois and writes regularly on linguistic issues at . He is the author of . You can follow him on Twitter .

                          Erin Brenner

                          Erin Brenner is the founder of , a customizable editing service. She has been an editing professional for over 15 years and is sought after for her expertise in language mechanics. She works on a variety of media in all levels of editing. In addition, she provides bite-sized lessons to improve your writing on her blog and is the editor of , which offers advice and training for those who edit copy. Follow her on Twitter at or on .

                          Stan Carey

                          Stan Carey is a scientist turned from the west of Ireland. He shares his fascination with language, words and books on his blog, , and on . Stan has a TEFL qualification, a history of polyglottism, and a lifelong love of stories and poetry. He writes articles about the English language for .

                          Adam Cooper

                          Adam Cooper studied linguistics at Brandeis University and The University of Chicago. Since 2010, he has been working with The Endangered Language Alliance in New York City on documentation and preservation projects.

                          Michele Dunaway

                          is an award-winning English and journalism teacher who, in addition to teaching English III, advises the student newspaper, yearbook and news website at Francis Howell High School in St. Charles, MO. In 2009, the Journalism Education Association awarded Michele with its Medal of Merit. She has received recognition as a Distinguished Yearbook Adviser in the H.L. Hall Yearbook Adviser of the Year competition and was named a Special Recognition Newspaper Adviser by the Dow Jones News Fund. She also practices what she teaches by authoring professional journal articles and writing novels.

                          Mignon Fogarty

                          Mignon Fogarty is better known as . She is the founder of the Quick and Dirty Tips network, author of , and the creator of the iOS game . She is also the Donald W. Reynolds Chair of Media Entrepreneurship in the at the University of Nevada, Reno.

                          Nancy Friedman

                          Nancy Friedman is the chief wordworker at verbal-branding consultancy Wordworking, and the author of a fine blog on naming, branding and more called Fritinancy. Nancy has named a venture-capital firm, a laser hair-removal device, a mobile-money service, and many other companies and products. A former journalist, she still writes or ghostwrites articles, speeches, white papers, and books.

                          Simon Glickman

                          Simon Glickman is a partner in , a Los Angeles copy shop specializing in content manufacturing and brand communications for entertainment, lifestyle and nonprofit concerns. He is also a roving correspondent for music-industry trade publications HITS Magazine and HITSDailyDouble.com, the producer-emcee of Los Angeles institution The Classic Rock Singalong, and an aspiring nature photographer. Many years ago, Glickman earned a doctorate in literature from Oxford University.

                          Daphne Gray-Grant

                          A former daily newspaper editor, Daphne Gray-Grant is a writing and editing coach and the author of 8� Steps to Writing Faster, Better. She offers a free weekly newsletter on her website Publication Coach.

                          Bob Greenman

                          Bob Greenman is the author of Words That Make a Difference; and, with his wife, Carol, , vocabulary enrichment books based on words and passages from The New York Times and The Atlantic Monthly. Bob taught English and journalism at James Madison and Edward R. Murrow High Schools, and at Kingsborough Community College, all in Brooklyn, N.Y. He is a newspaper in education consultant for The New York Times, and his website has a section devoted to journalism education.

                          James Harbeck

                          James Harbeck is an editor by day, a designer by night, and a writer by Jove! His love of wine tasting crossed with his love of language to spawn word tasting notes, which appear daily at his blog, . Buy his just-released book of salacious verse on English usage, Songs of Love and Grammar, on .

                          Orin Hargraves

                          Orin Hargraves is an independent lexicographer and contributor to numerous dictionaries published in the US, the UK, and Europe. He is also the author of (Oxford), the definitive guide to British and American differences, and (Merriam-Webster), a practical guide for English learners. In addition to writing the Language Lounge column, Orin also writes for the . to visit his website.

                          Dianna Huff

                          Dianna Huff is a B2B marketing communications consultant and copywriting expert. You can subscribe to her e-newsletter, The MarCom Writer, at the website. To download her latest free e-book, "Five B2B MarCom Strategies to Increase Sales Now," visit .

                          Michael Lydon

                          , who has written about popular music since the 1960s, is the author of , published by University Press of New England. He has also published a dozen other essays on literature through his own . Lydon teaches "The Music of Writing" at St. John's University and leads seminars for teenage writers through the Connecticut Young Writers program.

                          Fitch O'Connell

                          has been a teacher for longer than he cares to remember. He works as a materials writer and teacher trainer. In 2003 he set up the acclaimed BritLit project for the British Council in Portugal, and has worked since then to help establish a new place for literature in English language teaching. He also contributes to the website, which brings together teachers of English by using short stories, poetry and film. He now works as a freelance consultant and is based in Europe.

                          Jonathon Owen

                          Jonathon Owen is a copy editor and book designer with a master's degree in linguistics from Brigham Young University. His thesis explores the role of copyediting in regulating English usage, and he holds the paradoxical view that it's possible to be a prescriptivist and descriptivist simultaneously. He writes about usage, editing, and linguistics at , and he also writes a column on grammar for Copyediting newsletter. In his free time he likes to play Scrabble and design word-nerdy t-shirts. You can follow him on Twitter at 

                          Merrill Perlman

                          Merrill Perlman is adjunct assistant professor at the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism and president of Merrill Perlman Consulting, offering consulting and freelance editing services and training in journalism, grammar and usage. Among her clients are The New York Times, ProPublica and the Poynter Institute. She writes the "" column and blog for Columbia Journalism Review. Merrill retired in June 2008 after 25 years at The New York Times, most recently as director of copy desks with responsibility for managing 150 copy editors.

                          Mark Peters

                          Mark Peters is a language columnist, lexicographer, and humorist who has written for Esquire, The Funny Times, New Scientist, Psychology Today, Salon, and Slate. He contributes to and writes the for McSweeney's. You can read Mark's own jokes on , such as, "I play by my own rules, which is probably why no one comes to my board game parties anymore."

                          Mike Pope

                          has been a technical writer and editor for nearly 30 years. He has worked at Microsoft and Amazon, and currently works at . You can read more at and .

                          Shannon Reed

                          An award-winning playwright and former contributor to the Visual Thesaurus Teachers at Work department, Shannon Reed is an MFA candidate in Creative Writing at the University of Pittsburgh, where she also teaches. Read more about her work at .

                          Julia Rubiner

                          Julia Rubiner is a partner in , a Los Angeles copy shop specializing in content manufacturing and brand communications for entertainment, lifestyle and nonprofit concerns. She is also a personal-branding consultant, writing resumes, LinkedIn summaries and executive bios, among other tools, for people in creative fields who want to advance their careers. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, she was an editor of reference publications. Rubiner wears the label "word nerd" as a badge of honor.

                          Georgia Scurletis

                          Georgia Scurletis is Director of Curriculum for the Visual Thesaurus and Vocabulary.com. Before coming to Thinkmap, she spent 18 years as a curriculum writer and classroom teacher. Georgia has written curriculum materials for a variety of Web sites (, , ) and various school districts. While teaching high school English in Brooklyn, she was a recipient of the New York State English Council's Educators of Excellence Award, the Brooklyn High Schools' Recognition Award, and The New York Times' Teachers Who Make a Difference Award.

                          Debbie Shults

                          Debbie Shults is a veteran Sarasota, Florida, teacher, literacy coach and now blogger who is working to define a "new literacy" at her middle school.

                          Steve Slaunwhite

                          Steve Slaunwhite is a marketing consultant, award-winning copywriter, and author of . He works with professionals who need better results from their websites, e-mails, sales letters, ads, and other marketing communications. He is also the editor of www.ForCopywritersOnly.com. His professional home on the Web is www.SteveSlaunwhite.com.

                          Matthew Stibbe

                          Columnist Matthew Stibbe is Writer-in-chief for Articulate Marketing, a specialist copywriting agency. His clients include Microsoft, the British Government and leading magazines like Wired and Popular Science. Matthew also writes a blog called Bad Language.

                          Neal Whitman

                          Neal Whitman blogs at , where he writes about linguistics in everyday life from the point of view of a husband and father. He taught English as a second language while earning his degree at Ohio State University; has published articles in Language, Journal of Linguistics, and other publications; and writes occasional scripts for the podcast "Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing."

                          Sarah Williams

                          Sarah Williams is founder and managing director of the international copywriting company , based in Oxfordshire, UK. She taught in universities, and then moved out of the academic world into book publishing, running the English office of the biggest French children's book publisher. During this time she wrote and published a number of children's books. She eventually became a full time freelance writer, and has published over 80 books. About five years ago, Sarah set up Wordsmith, a copywriting company providing intelligent, responsive answers to marketing needs.

                          Ben Zimmer

                          is language columnist for and former language columnist for and . He has worked as editor for American dictionaries at Oxford University Press and as a consultant to the Oxford English Dictionary. In addition to his regular "Word Routes" column here, he contributes to the group weblog . He is also the chair of the New Words Committee of the .

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